All Knit Sherberts

The Sherborne Vase

This amazing trophy was knitted by Jan Truman using fine wire, beads and machine needles.

The Sherborne Vase was donated to The Guild Of Machine Knitters and is awarded annually to the best club entry for a non-wearable item. 

Notes for the Sherborne Vase Competition

5 or more Guild members must be involved with the entry for the Vase to qualify.   There are no set rules as to how much or how little each person does, provided it is a joint effort.   Let each member use their own skill to the best advantage.   It would be good to have the names of those involved, as each winning entry will be displayed in a photo album with the name of the Group or club, this will ensure that everyone who has taken part will be acknowledged as having contributed to the winning entry.

If an entry is in more than one piece, it is essential to enclose instructions for assembly.   A photograph of the finished piece would also be helpful.

Please let your imaginations run riot, it does not have to be something that is recognisable, the more inventive the better.   Let your machines be creative.

Size:  Each entry must be packed in a boot box, maximum size 12"x12"x 5" (ask a local shoe shop to save you one) it can be smaller of course. The entry must be a non-wearable item, for example:-

Household or ornamental  (i.e. flowers knitted in a vase - vase knitted of course).

Miniature models (coffee table with accessories), 3D pictures, soft furnishings, etc.

Any medium can be used, and any number of patterns and techniques.

All major components, and 90% of the finished entry, MUST be machine knitted.

Beading, embroidery, trimmings (not knitted) for finishes are allowed but must not be a major part of the entry.

Each entry has to be a GROUP project worked on together by a minimum of 5 club members.

The aim is to get Clubs/Groups working together on a project, thereby encouraging imaginative and innovative ideas, whether serious, silly or totally bizarre.

Have fun and good luck!