All Knit Sherberts

Creative Craft Show 2012 - Shepton Mallet

Flags and bunting decorated the Sherborne Machine Knitting Club and the Guild of Machine Knitting stand at the Stitch and Creative Crafts show at Shepton Mallet this year to celebrate Queen Elizabeth 11 60th jubilee.







Garments on display, knitted by Sherborne club and Westbury Woollies, kept to the red, white and blue theme but were upstaged by the interest in the knitted street party with cups of tea and lots of tempting cakes, sandwiches and  strawberries all calorie free of course!! This display attracted lots of attention and requests to take photos.





Two 3ft Guardsmen stood dutifully all day guarding the crown,(knitted by Jeanette Brown) ignoring the crowds, as they are trained to do, alongside a superb knitted and needle felted collage of Buckingham palace with guardsmen marching past, knitted by Elizabeth Ambrose.



Smaller Guardsmen stood to attention in their century boxes, and there were mice hiding under Her Majesties chair ready to scurry out and frighten the Queen with the poem of ‘Pussy Cat Pussy Cat’, (which took Carol and Sarah hours to work out and knit on the electronic). Plus Union Jack balls for the Corgis to play with, skittles, a poster of the Queen, top hat and gloves, posies of flowers, even a knitted tiara.

And, the comments, we received were so overwhelming and heart warming that made us all feel so very proud. 
“Seriously impressed” “you’ve outdone yourselves”, “the best ever ”,  “your display is outstanding”, “hats off to all those that did the knitted display , fantastic”, ‘Youre bonkers”, “so amazing”, “brilliant”, “can’t believe how amazing everything is”.

Thank you ladies, you deserve every word and congratulations.
Everything on our stand IS machine knitted, with a touch of hand knitting, needle felting and crochet.

Our display of charity knitting included blankets for several charities, hats for heroes to wear under their helmets and mice for Battersea Cats Home. Scarves and Hats for Shoe box appeals and Air Ambulance Funds,

The numbers attending this year seemed to have increased.  We have had time in the past between visitors to add to our pile of hats and scarves for charity but the stand had so many visitors with questions and compliments that it seemed to me that less knitting was done this year.  There seemed to be more people asking about local clubs as they were new knitters or now had the time to return to knitting.
The increase in hand knitting seems to be causing more publicity to knitting in general. The days of looking at knitting as a way of saving money seem be past.   No longer do people imagine knitting is done only by grey haired old ladies. Knitting is now looked on as a craft in its’ own right and respected as such.