All Knit Sherberts

The Creative Craft Show

Shepton Mallet 2010


Oh we do like to be beside the seaside. 
Actually Sherborne Knitting club were at Shepton Mallet having our own stand with this years’ theme “The Seaside” and with the help of Westbury Woolies manned the Guild of Machine Knitters Stand.
Happy childhood memories were revived with Punch and Judy leading the show. Ollie the 6ft octopus enjoyed watching Punch with his friend Millie the mermaid. Millie was doing her knitting of course. We can’t waste time just sitting on the beach.

Garments continued the watery theme with pirates and under water scenes.
The ice cream stand was very busy and we had a beach hut for making a cup of tea.

Children had made sand castles and collected shells, star fish and had been fishing.
Westbury Woollies club brought along Dorothy, tin man, scarecrow and cowardly lion to join in the fun on the beach and we all had a lovely day.
Knitting does seem to be coming out of the doldrums. We had hardly anyone saying their machine was under the bed, not used. Instead they were saying the machine was in use again. Where could they get lessons or join a club.
This is the 14th year Sherborne Club has exhibited at Shepton Mallet. Each year members pull together and produce a display attracting admiring comments and amazement at what can be made on a knitting machine. We all enjoy every minute. Hopefully we encourage knitters to think “Wow I want to do that” and go on to share the pleasure we get from knitting.