All Knit Sherberts

The Creative Craft Show

Shepton Mallet 2008

What can you do with cardboard middles of all the empty cones after all the knitting wehave done for the Smile charity?

That was the challenge! 

Sarah offered as the theme for this years stand at the Shepton Mallet Knit and Stitch Show in April. As usual the members came up with inspired and beautifully crafted ideas.

Some were edible such as carrot, parsnip and a low calorie cone of chips.
Cones were used vertically as a roundabout, windmill, salt and pepper pots or upside down as a pop up clown. Sideways a cone made a racing car.

This exercise also used up odds and ends of yarn. Could this inspire us to enter the under 25g section of the guild competition next year.
Some people might say ‘What a waste of time’ but working out the shapes to cover a cone to make a lighthouse or Dalek improves our skills and knowledge of fabrics. (Note these items are only for our own pleasure and for display. Items such as Dalek or cartoon characters CANNOT be made for sale or you are in trouble with Copyright laws )


After the show the display is shown at other craft fairs or in displays at the local library to publicise our club and show that knitting can be fun.

Thought for the day-If the average knitter has 300 cones of yarn, (just a rough estimate)

Yes, go and count you’ll be surprised.I wonder how many there are in the UK.

Pat Farey