All Knit Sherberts

The Creative Craft Show

Shepton Mallet 2007

We’ve been blue. We’ve gone to tea with our teapots. This year we took to the water. Our leader, Sarah Chilcott, suggested a duck pond was just what we needed to attract attention on our stand this year.

First the pond. A net in a loose tension with alternate needles out of work made the water surface, which was placed, over a box. Fish, tadpoles, frogspawn and weed all swam about happily together under the water. 

Naturally ours is a friendly pond so we did not have to worry about occupiers eating each other.

Water lilies rested on the surface with their pads giving a resting place for adult frogs and snails. Bulrushes grew around the edge together with mushrooms and cotton grass.
A low brick wall surrounded the pond. Paving stones were created using polystyrene packing material cut to size and covered in a grey/green yarn. Moss was knitted in green yarn and filled in the cracks. As well as the ducks a kingfisher and snails enjoyed our watery habitat and dragonflies flew over the surface.

All the members had great fun making this attraction. People who think knitting is just for jumpers ask why we knit these things. Why not? We have fun. We learn things from everything we knit and apply the techniques to another project.

After the show we exhibit our creations in the local library and other craft shows etc. which spreads the word that machine knitting is great fun.

If this inspires just one person to get their machine out of the loft then it was all worthwhile.

Pat Farey