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Shepton Mallet 2006

Sherborne and District Machine Knitting Club
2006 project

For my Mums birthday I took her to Kew Gardens to see the glass sculptures by Chihuly.
Oh My.
They were the most extraordinary things we had ever seen, the colours, the shapes, the textures, the beauty...

They were magnificent, we both wanted to take them all home, (but they wouldn’t fit in the car).  So the next best thing was to make one and I knew some ladies that would help me, especially after our success of our knitted teapots last year.

We would knit one, lots a carrot shaped tubes, stuffed and wire threaded though to allow us to make them into twirlly, curly  shapes.

And here it is (took a bit of thinking on how to hang it up).

Its first outing was at the Creative Stitch and Crafts show at Shepton Mallet.  We had some wonderful comments, and those that had seen the real thing, were impressed and had the same understanding that Mum and I had of the extordinary-ness of Chihuly’s work.  The sculpture will be travelling around with us when we go to the local country shows,craft fairs and we hopefully anywhere else we are able to display it.

Lastly I must say a BIG THANK YOU to all the ladies of the Sherborne and District Machine Knitting Club for helping me and for putting up with my strange knitting projects!

Sarah Chilcott, Sherborne