All Knit Sherberts

Craft 4 Crafters 2016

This year we decided to knit for charity and displayed many items that we produced for local and national charities.

We knitted:

Dog blankets and dog coats that were given to the local RSPCA shop to sell.

Trauma teddies that were given to children in need.

Knitted mice for Battersea Cats and Dogs Home.

Chicks and snowmen for Velindre Hospital

Innocent hats for Innocent Smoothie bottles for AGE UK.

Twiddle muffs for local hospitals

Premature baby hats, blankets and cardigans

Hats, scarves and mits for shoe boxes


One lady asked if she could have a twiddle muff for her sister who was a very keen sewer and knitter before she developed demntia. She thought a muff would be of great comfort to her.  We were all rather tearful at the end of the conversation... we trust the twiddle muff achieved its aim.